Real Estate Advice

Our multi-lingual team of experienced lawyers focus on the financial well-being of individual clients and their families, especially those who wish to relocate to and invest in Ireland.

Our goal is simple – to protect and enhance your wealth by helping you to understand and address the issues. Our service allows clients to protect, develop and ultimately pass on their wealth with complete peace of mind.

We advise you on:

  • The Irish system of land ownership and the ways in which you can own property;
  • Dealing with Irish lending institutions;
  • Co-ownership and partnership structures for investors in Ireland, the UK and Europe;
  • Use of shareholder agreements for special purpose vehicles;
  • Commercial leases;
  • Safety precautions concerning any risks attached to your property;
  • Governmental taxes and other expenses;
  • Timelines and deadlines for your property transaction.
  • De-offshorisation rules.

We are happy to advise you, whatever your query might be.

Please contact us to discuss your interest in property with us today.