Social Welfare Law

We specialise in this developing area to answer an increasing need of our clients. We provide you with free legal advice in these types of cases.
Many of these will involve applications for:

  • Unemployment benefit and unemployment assistance;
  • Rent allowance;
  • Child benefit and other family-related payments;
  • Disability benefit, carer’s benefit and other illness-related payments;
  • Overpayments and back-payments to the Department of Social Protection;
  • Emergency / urgent need payment;
  • Medical cards and other state benefits;
  • Refusals and appeals (please contact us immediately in relation to those, as this may require urgent action).

We are also experts concerning the test for habitual residence, which in our experience is the first hurdle for many applicants.
Most cases are taken on an emergency basis. There is no need to panic. We are here to help you.

Please get in touch to discuss your case with us today.