White Collar Crime

We specialise in white-collar crime specifically. Such accusations require rapid response strategies in times of emergency. Stakes can be high as these type allegations arise in a corporate, commercial context.
One area of interest is the meeting-point between cross-border commercial transaction and the prosecution of fraud and white-collar crime.

Our office has recently succeeded in defending one of the first cases nationwide to ever be prosecuted under the Criminal Justice (Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing) Act 2010.

We believe that this is an area where future resources will be devoted to investigations and prosecutions. In our view, the Irish jury system will in this regard be tested to its limits.

Our tailoured solutions are aimed at situations when a criminal investigator enjoys considerable powers to enter, search and freeze your assets.

In such situations you must seek legal help as quickly as possible to limit reputational and financial damage. We will advise you on your rights as well as design a responsive media strategy.

Where we are asked to act on a private basis, we will always discuss our fees in a clear and transparent manner, and we will work with you to keep the costs within an acceptable range.