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Public Procurement

Public Procurement

Public Procurement Solicitors Dublin

We provide specialist advice to private and public sector clients on all aspects of public procurement including supplies, services and works contracts. We understand the importance of ensuring that the tendering procedures are conducted fairly and transparently for public services providers.
The tailored advices and guidance our office provides covers all aspects of the public procurement process including, but not limited to:-

The procurement process;

  • Appropriate procedures
  • Conduct of the evaluation of tenders
  • Contract award issues
  • Compliance issues
  • Monitoring and auditing public procurement processes
  • EU developments, such as communications from the Commission and European Court of Justice (ECJ) decisions
  • Framework agreements
  • Information entitlements under the Freedom of Information Acts; EU regulations; Data Protection law and Public Procurement rules
  • Interpretation of EU and Irish procurement law
  • Preparing relevant notices
  • Preparing tender documentation
  • Managing compliance through the structuring of procurement transactions
  • Preparing and advising on procurement documents, such as contract, notices, instructions to tender, prequalification questionnaires
  • Pursuing remedies for breach of procurement rules