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Q 1 – “I have been living in Ireland for 12 years now with no papers. I have received a deportation order 3 days ago. What do I do now? I cannot go back to my own country as I have nobody and nothing left there.

If you are issued with a valid deportation order, you may be directed to attend your local immigration office at a specified time. It is a criminal offence not to adhere to this request, so it is important you attend as directed. Failing to attend when requested could lead to your arrest and detention for the purpose of deportation.

If your circumstances have changed, you may have reasons to apply to the Minister to have your deportation order revoked under section 3(11) of the Immigration Act 1999. Generally speaking, such applications are made by submitting new information that was not available or considered at the time the deportation order was issued.

Q2 – “What is a Stamp 6 and who can get it?”

A Stamp 6 is given to persons with dual citizenship -Irish and another. In order to qualify for a Stamp 6, the applicant must hold or be entitled to hold an Irish passport.

If you acquired your citizenship through descent or naturalization you qualify for a Stamp 6.
If you match these qualifications, you should contact INIS to have the Stamp 6 placed in your non-Irish passport.

Q 3 – “I am a naturalised Irish citizen. My elderly parents are non-EAA nationals. How can I bring them over to reside with me here in Ireland?”

No Alternatives: You will have to demonstrate that there is no other alternative to your parents coming to Ireland. For example, there may be a situation where there are no other family members where your parents are residing who can provide adequate support them and that your parents cannot financially or physically support themselves. Not wanting to return to you country of origin to care for them, is not a reason in itself for their visa to be approved.

Financial Considerations: You have to have earned, each year in the three previous years in Ireland income after tax of than €60K in the case of one parent and €75k where two parents are involved.

Healthcare: Your parent(s) must be covered by private medical cover at or above the level of VHI plan D or equivalent. You, the sponsor have to sign a legal commitment that you will accept all personal financial responsibility for your parent(s) and if they received any State aid, you must reimburse the State.

No rights to naturalisation: If a Stamp 0 is granted, it will not lead to Long Term residence or naturalisation/ citizenship.

Residing Outside of State: Applications must made from outside the State. Applications will not be accepted for a person who has come to the State on a visitor visa and then wishes to remain.


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