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DFA Ireland Implements new Digital Signature Policy: Embracing the Future of Authentication

In a move to adapt to the digital era, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) in Ireland has recently announced significant updates to its policies concerning digital documents, certificates, and signatures. According to the latest policy release from the DFA: Electronic signatures in Ireland are now regulated by both the Electronic Commerce Act 2000 and … Read more

W.P.L & Anor -v- Minister for Justice and Equality & Ors

The Applicants argued variously that the Impugned Tribunal Decision was unlawful or unfair, contending it was contrary to various sections of the law and irrational. Here’s a summary of their main arguments and the Tribunal’s responses: (i) The Tribunal accepted the Applicants’ claim of being victims of crime in South Africa but concluded it didn’t … Read more

Landmark Decision on Naturalisation Application: M v. Minister for Justice [2024] IEHC 105

In the case of M v. Minister for Justice, the High Court considered a judicial review application regarding the refusal of a South African national’s application for a certificate of naturalisation. The applicant, who had been residing in Ireland since 2021, had a history of multiple convictions related to road traffic offenses, including drink driving … Read more

Elbahlawan v. Minister for Justice: Landmark Decision on EU Treaty Rights and Deportation

In this case, Khalid Mohamed Said Hussain Elbahlawan, the applicant, sought an order of certiorari concerning a decision by the Minister for Justice dated December 6, 2022. The decision denied Elbahlawan the application of principles outlined in the CJEU’s Chenchooliah v Minister for Justice & Equality (Case C-94/18), which could have entitled him to be … Read more

High Court Judgment: T.U. (Nigeria) v. International Protection Authorities [2024] IEHC 73

Introduction: The case of T.U. from Nigeria, seeking international protection in Ireland, highlights the complexities and challenges involved in asylum applications. T.U. claimed persecution by Nigerian state actors due to his association with the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) political group. His case came before the International Protection Appeals Tribunal (IPAT), which initially rejected his … Read more


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