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Criminal Law Solicitors Dublin

Welcome to the best criminal law solicitors in Ireland, MS Solicitors carries expertise in all areas of criminal litigation, particularly with violent crime, sexual offences, and misuse of drugs.  In addition to our significant experience in specialised defence, we work very closely with the leading and top barristers who are fierce advocates in their field.

Criminal Law Solicitors Dublin
Ireland’s top criminal defence law firms specialising in providing the best defence to people wrongly accused of a serious crime.

Our Criminal Law Services Include:

  • Defending all offences, including: Assault, Sexual offences (including rape and historical abuse cases), Possession of Child Pornography, Murder, Extradition, Cultivation of Cannabis, Sale/Supply of Drugs, Theft and Fraud offences, Drink Driving, Revenue offences, Public Order, Firearm offences, and Human Trafficking
  • Advising clients prior to any Garda investigation
  • Garda custody – 24-hour on-call emergency service
  • Bail applications in the District Court, High Court and Supreme Court
  • Appeals
  • All Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) / Proceeds of Crime applications
  • Police Property Applications and in relation to the retention of goods and funds under section 38 of the Criminal Justice Act 1994 (and the Proceeds of Crime Act 1996)

Our clients are made up from all walks of life, including officials, senior business executives, professional athletes, electricians, lawyers, stay-at-home parents and students.  Regardless of our client’s background or the type of charges they are facing, we give every person we represent a high-level of personal attention and commitment.

Whether you are opting to plead guilty or contest the charges, MS Solicitors will zealously defend your rights and pursue the best possible result.

Ms Criminal Defence Solicitors have successfully resolved criminal cases across Ireland and our reputation is built on vigorously defending people charged with serious crimes.

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