Immigration Law

Immigration Solicitors in Ireland

Our law firm specialises in a wide range of immigration and asylum law matters.  We are able to represent our clients through all levels of adjudication, including the High Court, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court of Ireland, European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights.

Our immigration law specialties include:

  • Visa applications (including short stay C-Visas and long stay  D-Visas to Ireland)
  • Citizenship/Naturalisation applications
  • Applications to change your immigration status in Ireland
  • International Protection applications and Appeals
  • Humanitarian Leave applications
  • Irish Born Child Residency applications (Zambrano)
  • Complex deportation matters and contesting the issuing and validity of Deportation and Transfer Orders
  • EU Treaty Right cases
  • Free Movement of Workers issues
  • Dependent Parent applications
  • Dependent Spouse and Children applications
  • De-Facto Partner Residency applications
  • Family Reunification applications
  • Work Permit applications (critical skills and general employment permits)
  • Independent visas (Stamp 0) applications
  • Judicial Review
  • Immigration Registration process queries
  • Long-Term Residency applications
  • Permission to Remain for Non-EEA nationals following domestic violence
  • General Immigration Queries

Our specialist immigration solicitors has been advising businesses and individuals on all aspects of Irish immigration and nationality law for decades.

Olga Shajaku.

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