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How to bring family to Ireland – Bringing your non-EEA spouse or civil partner home to Ireland.

In the event that your partner or companion, in either marriage or civil union, originates from a non-EEA nation, there exists a likelihood that they may be required to seek authorization before undertaking a voyage to Ireland. Should your partner or civil companion find it necessary to seek authorization, we will be delighted to assist … Read more

Moeen Akram and The Minister for Justice and Equality and the Commissioner of an Garda Siochana

Judgment of Ms. Justice Donnelly This case centered on the legality of immigration officers preventing the Appellant from entering the state and searching their phone for documentation. The Court ruled that the officers were acting within their legal authority, with the added affirmation that those seeking to enter the state accept the fact that they … Read more

High Court D.A. and The International Protection Appeals Tribunal and the Minister for Justice.

Judgment by Mr. Justice Heslin. The Applicant sought to quash a decision by the International Protection Appeals Tribunal(IPAT) which upheld an earlier decision to deny them International Protection. The Applicant challenges that decision on adverse credibility was found unlawfully. The Court stated it is not in the position to be the decision maker of policy, … Read more

The High Court Mohammad Khayrul Alam and Raluca Letitia Mihal and The Minister for Justice and Equality

Judgment of Ms. Nimah Hyland. The Court ruled on a case regarding the revocation of the first applicant’s permission of residency in the state, a subsequent review decision, and then a deportation order. The Applicants sought for the three decisions to be quashed and allow an extension of time to challenge the first two decisions. … Read more


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