Circuit Court business during Level 5 restrictions


Olga Shajaku

With Covid-19 restrictions presently set at Level 5 for a 6 week period from midnight Wednesday 21st October 2020, matters in the Circuit Court will be dealt with as follows:

Criminal Matters

Ongoing jury trials will continue to conclusion. No new trials will commence until the 16th November at the earliest, the end of the review period, in accordance with Government Guidelines initial 4 week period of the restrictions.

All other criminal business scheduled for the Circuit Criminal Court will be dealt with as normal. This includes cases where the accused is in custody or on bail and covers sentences, arraignments, hearings, mentions etc.

Family Law Matters

All Circuit Court Family Law trials listed for hearing and Judges Motion’s will proceed during Level 5 restrictions as per the Legal Diary.

Civil Matters

Priority will be given to Criminal matters and Family Law matters in the first instance. Please check the legal diary for local arrangements regarding civil matters, as different arrangements, subject to judicial and staff resources, may apply.

Personal Insolvency Matters

All Circuit Court Personal Insolvency matters will continue to be listed as per the Legal Diary and all applications and hearings will proceed remotely.

MS Solicitors would be happy to assist you with your legal issues. As a government deemed essential service, we remain open throughout the Level 5 lockdown period in order to serve our clients, both new and existing. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01 675 1747.



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