How to bring family to Ireland – Bringing your non-EEA spouse or civil partner home to Ireland.


Olga Shajaku

In the event that your partner or companion, in either marriage or civil union, originates from a non-EEA nation, there exists a likelihood that they may be required to seek authorization before undertaking a voyage to Ireland.

Should your partner or civil companion find it necessary to seek authorization, we will be delighted to assist you with this, do not hesitate to make arrangements to engage our services for the acquisition of a Join Family Member (D) visa. and book a consultation now!

For those individuals exempt from the obligation of obtaining a visa, the opportunity to arrange their travel to Ireland without any visa-related or preclearance stipulations is extended. Nonetheless, it’s imperative to acknowledge that all individuals, irrespective of their visa requirements, originating from non-EEA nations, must undergo immigration formalities at the point of their arrival in Ireland, usually taking place at the designated entry location, most commonly the airport. We can provide you with Additional guidance in respect of this matter.


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