Man loses €75,000 defamation claim against McDonalds after being accused of mixing Vodka into two drinks.


Alice Heron

A man who had taken a €75,000 defamation claim against the international restaurant chain, McDonalds has lost his case and been ordered to pay the restaurants legal costs. The alleged accusation involved a McDonalds staff member stating that the man had mixed vodka into two drinks, however the Judge involved in the case did not see that the Dublin Man had enough supporting evidence in his claim and as a result dismissed the case.

The man complained that he had ordered food from McDonalds and when he and a friend were having their meal, his friend complained that the drink seemed to smell of vodka. The man returned the drink to the restaurant where a staff member confirmed that it smelt of vodka however, the man further advises he was accused of adding the vodka himself, which was firmly denied. McDonalds denied that these accusations had been made in the restaurant and further denied that any of their staff members could have spiked the drink as staff members are not allowed to bring any alcohol into any McDonalds premises.


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