New Scheme for Undocumented Migrants to be introduced by Government


Alice Heron

A new scheme for undocumented migrants is being considered by the Minister for Justice.

Under the proposed scheme, it could see over 17,000 people’s status being regularised, 3,000 of which are children.

Although the scheme is not yet fully formulated, the government hopes to publish a policy document early in the new year. The scheme will look to give assistance to undocumented migrants who have been living in Ireland on a long-term basis.

This scheme would benefit those born in Ireland, who are not entitled to birth-right citizenship as a result of the 2004 referendum, which revoked such a right. It has been stated that this could positively affected up to 2,000 children.

The scheme would also seek to help some 2,000 English language students who have entered the State legally and have stayed on beyond their visa permissions.

The scheme is intended to be different in that it will give undocumented migrants a much broader platform for which they can apply to be regularised. The applicants will include migrants and their children who have been residents long-term in the State and who the state deem not to be a threat to the State. The scheme will also include the Garda vetting process.

Further details of the intended scheme have not been published, although the government have committed to bringing forward such a scheme within the first 18 months in office, whether through legislation or other means.



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