The Supreme Court has made the decision to implement a new procedure in relation to revoking Irish Citizenship.

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This new procedure will be aimed at providing ‘appropriate safeguards’ for persons who will suffer harsh ramifications as a result of their citizenship rights being revoked by the Minister. It has been suggested that an independent decision-maker will be involved in the new procedure. The order has yet to be finalised as the court awaits … Read more

New Scheme for Undocumented Migrants to be introduced by Government

A new scheme for undocumented migrants is being considered by the Minister for Justice. Under the proposed scheme, it could see over 17,000 people’s status being regularised, 3,000 of which are children. Although the scheme is not yet fully formulated, the government hopes to publish a policy document early in the new year. The scheme … Read more

Revocation of Citizenship

Supreme Court hears from IHREC on citizenship In light of the decision in Charaf Damache v The Minister for Justice and Equality in October 2020, the Supreme Court will decide whether Ireland’s law on of the revocation of citizenship is unconstitutional. The Respondent, an Algerian national, was provided with notice that his citizenship was to … Read more

INIS & Covid-19

EU Treaty Rights and Domestic Residence Online Applications As announced on the INIS website on Friday 15th January, between Monday 18 January and Friday 30 April 2021, applicants for both EU Treaty Rights and Domestic Residence are permitted to submit their applications by email along with copies of supporting documentation. COVID-19 & the English Language … Read more


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