The Court of Appeal has rejected a fathers appeal, and upheld their order for children’s return to France

The Court of Appeal has ruled two children be returned to France, following their Irish-based fathers objection to the court order as school children must wear facemasks to school in France. The father believed that his children wearing facemasks during school hours would have an adverse affect on his children. On that basis the father … Read more

Man loses €75,000 defamation claim against McDonalds after being accused of mixing Vodka into two drinks.

A man who had taken a €75,000 defamation claim against the international restaurant chain, McDonalds has lost his case and been ordered to pay the restaurants legal costs. The alleged accusation involved a McDonalds staff member stating that the man had mixed vodka into two drinks, however the Judge involved in the case did not … Read more

1,200 people have become Irish citizens, through a new temporary citizenship process that has been established due to Covid-19.

A process established 10 weeks ago has allowed 1,200 people to receive Irish citizenship recently. A statutory declaration process has replaced the necessity for people who have applied for citizenship to attend citizenship ceremonies, which have been stopped for the duration of Covid-19. Another 1,159 have also returned their signed statutory declarations to the Department … Read more


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